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Professional Liability

Professional Liability Attorneys Defend against Malpractice Claims

Experienced Alabama professional liability firm protects insurers and insureds

At Clark, Hair & Smith, we provide effective defense in cases where people or businesses are unhappy with the outcome of professional services provided and allege damages caused by deviation from an accepted standard of care. These cases include alleged malpractice by lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants and other professionals. We draw upon our combined 50 years of experience helping professionals and insurers rebut these claims efficiently and economically.

Accomplished Birmingham firm fights professional liability claims

We represent professionals and their insurers in liability claims arising in multiple professions, ranging from simple negligence to more complex claims. Clients are also defended before professional licensing boards and regulatory agencies. Some of the professional liability cases we handle are:

  • Legal malpractice — We have experience representing lawyers and their insurers against legal malpractice suits in state and federal courts, arising from complex and nuanced representations. These include claims that lawyers breached their duty to clients by providing ineffective defense, such as by failing to properly investigate, present evidence, call witnesses or disclose a conflict of interest. We research each underlying area of law, analyzing the “case within the case” to devise the strongest defense to the claim.
  • Medical malpractice — We provide defense of healthcare professionals against a range of diverse claims. These include alleged errors, missed or delayed diagnoses and prescription of dangerous drugs or medical devices, among others. We are familiar with experts who can testify to the accepted standard of care in a variety of fields.
  • Financial or accounting malpractice — Our firm assists financial professionals, accountants, and stock brokers facing allegations involving conflicts of interest, fraudulent billing or accounting errors. We are capable of understanding the complex financial reports and other reports that often form the basis for claims that accountants are liable for business losses.
  • Insurance agent liability —  Our firm represents insurance agents and brokers in a wide variety of litigated and regulatory matters and have extensive experience in all aspects of the underwriting and claims processes. These include policyholder disputes and matters alleging breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, negligence, and other alleged errors and omissions, in relation to life, health, residential, commercial, and professional liability policies.
  • Architect liability — We represent architects in litigated matters arising from the design and construction process. In addition to providing litigation counsel, our attorneys counsel and advise architects on transactional and operational matters, including drafting and negotiating construction contracts, entity formation, labor and employment activities, mechanics’ liens, mergers and acquisitions, organizational issues (e.g. buy-sell agreements), ownership transition, and protection of intellectual property.

In defending professional liability claims, we are mindful of not only the potential financial exposure but also the reputational damage that can result. Confidential settlements are pursued in professional services disputes in order to protect the client’s reputation and privacy interests.

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At Clark, Hair & Smith, P.C., we have the experience, talent and resources to offer cost-effective and efficient defense against professional liability claims. Call us at 833-200-3504 to discuss your claim.

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